anyone wanna gift me a dark souls 2 dlc season pass on psn?




'Coalition Government Colouring and Activity Book' - Tom Pride 

this is beautiful

Get your printer on parents, I’ve got some fun activities for the little’ns.

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Musicians! Anyone need production work?

okay so I’m currently really really broke, like, nearing the bottom of my overdraft broke. I’ve just finished my first year as a music production student at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music and I’ve already put together and produced an album of my own, so I got a bit of experience. I need more though. I’m mainly into producing metal and post-rock but I can pretty much try my hand at anything and I’d love to branch out my potential anyway

so what I’m saying is basically, if you want anything produced, please please please give me a shout. right now I’m thinking pricing as such:

  • £5 ($8.50) for a track
  • £10 ($17) for an album

i.e. you’re getting a massive deal if you’ve got a whole album that needs doing. I can also offer flexible quotes in that range if you’ve got say only an EP’s worth of tracks.

just let me know the basics of what sound you want, chuck me some stems and I’ll tell you what I can do. 

Reasons not to ever trust google for medical advice: once every few months I get this thing where I need to yawn but can’t. Apparently this could be asthma, anxiety or lupus




all 32:14 of Swans’ ‘The Seer’ in glorious 320 kbps. sit down in a dark room and listen to this the whole way through. I dare you.

How the actual fuck did you do that.


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vaccines don’t work chemtrails are poisoning us wake up sheeple








The choice is yours.

This is a shit ton of bullshit and shaming. People are born with health problems and perfectly healthy people develop health problems. There isn’t always a choice.

are your eyes red, itchy, and inflamed? don’t reach for those eyedrops, just grab a fucking red pepper and shove that into your eyes instead, just fucking jam all the vegetables you can into your eyes you fucking animal just do it
go green
go green

Inject V8 directly into your veins you miserable bag of trash. Get a giant syringe full of vegetable juice and stab right through your fucking arm in a wild attempt to cure your heart condition.

Wow, and here I could have saved all the time and discomfort of fucking brain surgery by eating a leek or something. WHO KNEW?!

Commentary. On. Point.

Wow way to miss the point completely…. hahaha.

okay but really, the most important thing here is why is the letter N randomly affixed to the top shelf on the left?

why do people still pull that “if you hate the police so much I hope they never help you”

they don’t help anyway

they’re literally hopeless like I got the cops called on me once due to some mental illness stuff a while back and all they did was condescend and tell me not to smoke weed. 

dang I need to find somewhere in Brighton to store my shit for the last month of summer cos like

I have way too much to take all the way back home just from like early August until September 1st

bloggers who make it so that when you click on a photo it redirects to their blog instead of enlarging are the salt of the fucking earth


Is Julie Burchill Britain’s most generous woman? By Julie Burchill

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Despite all my rage I am still holding cats on a page

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how come even with, like, limited social functioning, i can still spot a troll post quicker than about 85% of this fucking site


six selfies…

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