well in

well in

question: is George Bush’s little ice bucket challenge in poor taste considering how much fucking state-sanctioned waterboarding happened under his presidency?

answer: almost definitely

maelwynn replied to your post: sadly we may never get to see George B…

I still wish we had a gif of him getting nailed by a shoe…

so… close…

really tho Muntadhar al-Zaidi is the greatest hero of our time and I want his name to go down in history

sadly we may never get to see George Bush prosecuted for his war crimes

but at least we now have this sick gif of him getting ice-watered

it’s fuck all, but it’s a start

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Do not refer to a human being as “An illegal”


you have my attention

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i’m not sure how it happened but at some point I’ve started unintentionally reaching straight for they/them pronouns whenever I’m talking about someone I don’t know. 

like this is not even a deliberate thing idk



Soviet poster, reads “2 + 2 = 5: The arithmetic of an industrial-financial counter-plan, plus enthusiasm of workers!” Circa 1931.

orwell has pwned us once and for all

does anyone else remember Tumblr back in 2010 where the dashboard alternated between nothing but photos of equilateral triangle tattoos and people baffled by the sudden popularity of equilateral triangle tattoos

we’ve come so far

if you’re ever wondering why I have basically only one or two selfie faces it’s because I can’t actually smile

edwad replied to your post: edwad liked my selfie my web brand is …

welcome to the elite side of the tumblr trashcan

the name of the trashcan is meme communism

edwad liked my selfie

my web brand is complete

getting new followers with fandom URLs is always a weird experience

how did you get here? what is it you came for? disdain? anarchocommunism?

for real though I don’t look right without a beard. don’t look complete.

got that weak chin too and a beard’s a good coverup.