I’ve noticed that since listening to only “hipster metal” aka not trve metal and since ceasing to identify with metal culture in any way apart from the band shirts, it’s way easier to get people into my favourite bands

first time I heard that intro I thought the world was ending

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if you can go to Laura’s blog and start chatting endless shit about our relationship (which, uh, we kinda keep too private for you to know a damn thing about anyway) but you can’t even be bothered to come and ask me how “abused” and “manipulated” Laura apparently makes me feel according to you??? then uh

you’re weak shit, you won’t survive the winter

olisaurusrex replied to your post: apparently that pouring-the-beer-down-…

Slow pour into a cold glass, tilting as you go.

aye, I know, did all the usual. just doesn’t wanna work for canned Adnams is all so I’m choosing to blame the can cos they’re just plain wrong anyway

there’s someone on my blog using a proxy


apparently that pouring-the-beer-down-the-side-of-the-glass-to-control-the-head thing doesn’t work with cans cos I tried it and still ended up with five fucking inches of foam

but then again putting ale in a can is a sin to begin with so

your boyfriend is an idiot for staying with you, i mean you are a disgusting and horrible person


Actually I’m a radiant being of love, compassion and unbridled potential in squishy human form, didn’t you know?

this anon is literally putting no effort or thought or logic or facts or sense in and they ain’t got shit-all basis for anything they’re saying

nice m8 nice

they literally pulled the “bit rich of James to call ‘em weak when he’s not 100% alpha male hyper macho knucklehead masculine”

like fuck off m8 I may not be a fighter and I may only be like 10 stone but I’m agile and I’ve got sharp elbows and hard bones and when I do have to fight I fight fuckin dirty

so uh

meet me in the fuckin pit breh

who the fuck is hassling Laura

leave her alone you complete shitbarn you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about

confirmed: Laura’s current anon hasn’t sent me a single message.

are u only picking on her and not me cos she’s a girl and u see girls as easy targets? are u weak shit?

David Cameron sent me fuckin spam post what should I freepost back to him

between them my video games, books, records, cassettes and CDs take up two boxes between them about as big as a dishwasher

maybe I have too much stuff…

pisslords I am carrying three bags between them containing a third of my clothes, a PS3, a TV, a laptop, a macbook, all the relevant wires and dongly things, spare shoes, a handful of Pratchett books, a dressing gown, a couple of jackets and a mug and a plate Laura made me

I ain’t camping breh

*misses the last train to Ipswich cos it left more than five fuckin minutes early*

do i actually still have any capitalists following me

if so can you leave